👶 Baby steps to Instagram #Hashtags

Panoramic view of my village ;)

So, #Hashtags uh

How to use them

A cute kid’s chair — #randomclick


How to get discovered

Hashtag as your secret ingredient

The debate

Out of hashtags

  1. Use: #sun #sunset #sunlight #sky #eveningsun
  2. Location: #chennai #india
  3. Photography: #MobilePhotography
  4. Personal / Brand Hashtags: #SubashMatheswaran #SMClicks #smphotos
  5. And so on. You get the idea right!
caught this near thambaram, chennai

Don’t go for big hashtags

Find a sweetspot and stick to it.

Timing is important

Hashtags on Stories

Learn from others

My dslr friend Vijay posing for my mobile photography

Build a community



Wear your smile 😁




Designer by DNA. Enough said. ✌ http://subashmatheswaran.github.io

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Subash Matheswaran

Subash Matheswaran

Designer by DNA. Enough said. ✌ http://subashmatheswaran.github.io

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