6 Ways National Service in the United States Can Revitalize Individual Rights and a Civil Society

Despite a controversial election, there are areas for common ground that will help us all move forward together. The United States still embodies many aspects of a free society. But we must rededicate ourselves to justice and domestic tranquility through common defense. It is our duty to revive our devotion to these Constitutional principles by re-establishing universal national service for our citizens: to protect them, to empower them, to bring them together.

National service has a broader meaning than military service. The threats of…

My daughter’s love of the TV show “Survivor” has helped me learn to appreciate the nuances and twists of the game. She is too young to play, but not to come up with great ideas. The idea: take contestants as pairs of rivals, the opposite interpersonal dynamics of Blood vs. Water.

Open with Opposition

The show mostly brought in individuals but has tinkered with season themes favoring cooperation. What if people come in with an axe to grind?

Pick a pair of people with a reason to be rivals: former boss/employee, ex-husband/wife, ex best friends with a past fight or…

Matthew Katz

I am a radiation #edoctor dedicated to improving cancer care. Co-creator of Cancer Tag Ontology, @Rad_Nation, #radonc chat. Content represents me, myself and I.

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