I happen to be reading 3 books this week — and its a delightful and satisying experience. Mind you - this is not multi-tasking. I read but one book at a time, put it down, reflect on it and pick up another later in the day. This method wouldn’t work for fiction — at least i wouldnt have the self-control to put a fast-paced book down; but it works wonderfully well for books that make you reflect and internalize wisdom.

When you put a book down, your system begins meditating on it in the background. And when you pick the next book — it creates connections and develops into a personal truth. Try it!

Books I am reading just now:

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

The classic book that makes you aware of how you can influence others for a good cause — and at the same time be watchful when someone is trying to influence you unjustly.

The Third wave: An Entrepreneur’s vison of the future by Steve Case

The AOL founder walks us through an inspiring and insightful vision of where the world is headed and what would define success in the emerging world. Its not all tech he says — its about partnership, policy and persistence now.

and of course the brilliant, brilliant book — “The Emporer’s Handbook: A New Translation of The Meditations: Marcus Aurelius” which gives you a whole new pair of eyes with which to view the world.

Would this approach of treating books as friends and inviting many into your life at one time work for you?

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