Where are the great American political conversations happening?

There is much talk in the US about much polarisation and hate, and I am surfacing people in media who are seeking a way out.

This list will track the better, greater and more empathetic conversations between left and right after the 2016 elections. It is in reverse chronological order. At the very bottom is A frank conversation with a white nationalist that RevealNews.org published two days after the elections verdict of 8th November 2016. I will try to keep it updated as the months roll by.

17 Feb 2017

RADIO: Start the Conversation: Reaching Common Ground Across Political Divides, KQED

Kimball Allen (gay man, Clinton supporter) and Mike Simpfenderfer (Trump supporter) chat at the Jefferson memorial.

15 Jan 2017

VIDEO: The Alabama/California conversation between Clinton and Trump women, AL.Com and Spaceship Media

10 Nov 2016

A frank conversation with a white nationalist, Revealnews.org, Center for Investigative Reporting.

If you scrolled down this far and want to highlight what you surfaced, great! Send me any links to stories, podcasts, call-in radio shows, TV chats, and what not that you think were respectful conversations amidst deep difference of opinion.

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