Introducing Subby

Always reach your audience directly.

What is Subby?

Subby is an uncensorable publishing platform for content creators.

Content creators use existing social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit to create content, but make their content uncensorable by distributing it through Ethereum, IPFS and torrents. Subby leverages these decentralized networks to distribute and retrieve content.

With Subby, users subscribe directly to a content creator instead of a single account on a specific social media platform. Content discovery still happens on existing platforms, but Subby enables content creators to reach their audience consistently once discovered.

How can content creators benefit?

Subby ensures that their content is delivered directly to their subscribers bypassing existing social media sites’ advertising and algorithmic content discovery. They no longer need to worry about their content being throttled by more ad-friendly content.

Content creators can still be banned from individual social media websites due to their content, but they won’t lose their audience at the same time. If a content creator gets banned from one platform, they can simply move to another one and their content keeps getting delivered directly to their audience uninterrupted. However, Subby doesn’t host any content directly so the old content has to be backed up and re-uploaded somewhere else. Content sharing can be made more censorship resistant with torrents and done anonymously with Tor.

Subby includes a donation function which allows content creators to receive payments in Ether directly from subscribers. Content creators will no longer be limited to only producing advertiser-friendly content to monetize it.

Check out how to publish on Subby below.

How can users benefit?

For users, Subby is a simple app to subscribe to their favorite content creators. Users don’t need to create multiple social media accounts or download several apps. Instead they can follow individuals across channels and access their feeds directly in their browser. They only need to know the username (or Ethereum address) of the content creator to subscribe to their feed.

How does Subby work?

Subby works by uploading a link or an IPFS hash on Ethereum where subscribers get their feed from directly. Content on each individual social media platform can still be censored, but Subby ensures that content creators do not lose their audience if that happens. Subby also supports torrents and magnet links for more censorship resistant content distribution.

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