Evernote love and struggle.

It’s sad to write something complaining about a product that you hold so dear and feel proud to be it’s user and that too in your first blog post, but voice needs to be raised so here it is.

I have always admired the strong grey logo on green background it gives a feel of perfection something substantial and definitely something that motivates your inner self to create something new by the power of knowing and remembering in an organized manner.

I have lately started releasing how good i feel when things are presented and explained in it’s most detailed form. It’s a complete form of art that not only touches your heart and soul and pleasure your eyes but compels you to chase thy goal with a never giving up sprit and every single day Evernote brings one after one amazing wands.

But today while using one of my most favorite option {} a screen to screen notification highlighted row caught my eye . Premium 40% off amazing thing thing went ahead checked price and who it’s RS.900/- only reducing the price done from RS.1500/- a straight forward reduction of. RS.600/- for a period of one year well what else you need. Everything went well I had decided to pay for it, it asked for name, card no. and month year and boom purchase click. To my excitement of using a product to it’s full potential I started arranging my notes more precisely from my handset and yeah brought all those thrash notes on line but hey wait…

You have an error,

you are done. Either your card no. is not valid or it’s you who is invalid but my dear I have been using this from last 4 years and that too happily

Oh wait ! They have a chat support… do they ? Nope it’s Saturday.

So here you are with a tt raised and waiting for solution. But then you try your cellphone to upgrade now you are not eligible for discount well why no clue and your only way is through Google play but Google play won’t let you use net banking.

That’s a great experience to the person who took chose Evernote to be organized and manage time effectively trying to figure out way to pay.

Should I chose Premium ?

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