Who Is To Blame?

Every person, I believe, does what he/she feels is the best for him/her at that particular moment.

So when two people, who really loved each other at some point in time, end their relationship, is there any one to blame at all? Weren’t they both doing what they thought was good for them?

The problem while brooding over such a topic lies in the fact that it is not really talked about in the popular culture. Take the Bollywood movies for instance. There is practically an in-numerous collection of movies that concentrates on the “how to fall in love” or the “how to court”. Movies, which in their frenzy of maximizing profit, have left the public with impossibly high standards of love and expectations. We all carry the burden of such expectations on our shoulders, while our throats are parched due to the absence of the kind of love that rarely exists outside the silver screen of the theaters.

But after you have fallen in love and after the courting has brought you success, there are hardly any movies that talk of the “how to stay in love”. Movies are just a glimpse into the “trending” of our popular culture. Much of the things that we rely on to get the approval of others are fuelled by the concepts of the masses.

So as I was asking: is there any one to blame?

Relationship, I feel, is a fight.

As relationship ages, you shall find your partner giving you quite a few reasons to let go. Some of these reasons will question your core beliefs; some will be a punch on the face of the trust you had on them; each reason shall be a reason enough to let go.

Hence comes the fight. The fight with your own self, that compels you to run away. Such a fight is natural and all of us have it with varying degrees of severity. What matters is how far you can engage in a tussle with yourself.

It is, however, important to remember that while you are fighting your own battle, your loved one is fighting one too; the battle to keep you.

Each one of us, without exception, is a flawed personality with our own eccentricities that range from being cute to being madly annoying.

Hence it is without a doubt that your loved one is engaged in a similar battle too.

Our goal should thus be to face our demons in the battle while trying our best to keep the battle of the dear ones as easy as possible. After all,we love them, don’t we?

So today if someone decides to let go, was it because that the battle was too hard, or because he/she gave up too easily?

There is no way of knowing I guess, not even for the people involved. It is a question the answer to which we have to live without.