How to distance yourself from your online business

Earlier, the conventional way to make money was to do a regular job, put in fixed hours of work and receive payment in exchange from your employer. Meaning you earn money in exchange for the hours you provide to your employer. Although this is the most common way to earn money yet it has its own flaws. Apart from the income tax issues, in the conventional way of work you only earn for the hours you work. In fact you would want to earn 24 hours a day. This is where being the boss of your own business sounds much better. The best thing about internet marketing and other types of online business is that you can continue to earn money even when you are not actively working online. In this form of online business this is called passive income and here your business is separate from you.

You may be doing any kind of online business, be it an online store for selling digital goods, a blog or an online training course. What you do does not matter much but what is more important is that you set up your business in such a way, that in case you feel like, you can entrust and outsource everything to others and separate yourself from it, while still earning money. Just like when you open a restaurant and grow when it grows big enough you can leave it to the managers to run it successfully while you step aside. Same is for online business but you will have to work out the best way for delegating your work.

Similarly, if you are a blogger, in the beginning you have to do all the writing work yourself, but with the passage of time and with success you could even hire yourself a couple of writers to do the work for you while you enjoy the benefits for a small cost. By doing this, you are trading lesser work hours but earning a lot more. Some freelance writers in this business even hire a team of writers to do to do their work along with a good sales and marketing team to attract customers, and an accountant to keep an account of all expenses and revenues. But all this raises the most important question, and that is do you really want to distance yourself from your business completely.

This makes the owner wonder what he really wants to do with his life? In many cases people continue running the blog as for them it is fun and is something they would continue doing even if it didn’t make any profit. They could distance themselves and delegate the work to the managers but they often don’t. Most of the times these people find their job fun but do it not only to earn money, but do it as they love it. So, if you are thinking about removing yourself from your online business, you have to be clear and sure about your work life balance. Although life is more important than work, yet one should not make any hasty decisions because what we do for work is an important part of who we are.

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