How To Make Money In Silence?

Shubham Singhal
Oct 13, 2017 · 3 min read

And The Answer Is Silent Disco

Enterprising people have long been trying to earn money by organizing various entertainment establishments. The simplest example of this is the holding of discos. Everyone loves to dance. Therefore, such a business will always be in demand.

Silent Disco is a thing now.

But in every city, there are a lot of nightclubs and everyone is competing with another. To distinguish your institution among others, the organizers make up their own concept. The concept, or in another way “zest”, is one of the main components of the party organization. This is what distinguishes one disco from another. The unusual design of the room, the latest lighting equipment, the emphasis on a certain musical direction, professional DJ — this is what the success and continued popularity of any club depend on.

Every year to surprise the tempted audience becomes more and more difficult. Recently in Britain, there were absolutely new formats of parties — silent disco, literally “silent discos”. Their members quietly dance to themselves, while not irritating their parents or neighbors with loud music.

The idea of silent parties was taken from the Finnish science fiction film “The Time of Roses”. The first “quiet discos” appeared at private parties in the Netherlands in 2002. Soon in this format was the famous rock festival in Glastonbury and the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, the French Festival de Cannes and the Canadian street festival in Toronto. The system itself was developed by a Dutch firm. The innovation was liked not only by participants of festivals but also by local residents, who do not share delight with concerts.

Silent disco headphones are beautiful.

The peculiarity of the “Silent party” is that the music is transmitted through the headphones, and not broadcast on the speakers. They have a built-in wireless system that transmits sound from the DJ remote at a distance. With the help of the device, each participant sets himself the desired volume, while not causing inconvenience to others. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose music from 2–3 channels, which more satisfies the tastes of listeners. Music is only heard, but not perceived by the whole body from the frequencies of the speakers, which many can only please. In addition, such organization of events does not interfere with the residents of nearby houses, and they can sleep peacefully.

A new hobby for fans of music clubs has already become an epidemic in the India. According to the head of the company Jumpking India, since 2016, the speed of the conduct of such parties increased several times and so is the demand of silent disco setup. People are coming up with new silent party ideas like

Silent Garba,

• Silent Dandia,

Silent Conferences,

Silent Cinemas

Silent Concert

Interest in such parties is increasing in various places around the world.

Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore are main cities with the high demand of silent discos. People are loving it on both the ends as a party person and as a person residing nearby to such discos. We can call it a new trend in the market. Party people are looking for it everywhere now and so are the DJs and event managers.

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