Life to wonder..

After living 20 years of my life .I have experienced a great change in social behavior and aspects of my life .Every day is just like a new page of a book with great adventure and hurdles to face and to wonder upon

I realized after studying in different institution ,that university life does not only teaches you to get GPA or job ,but its main purpose is far beyond that we think .There comes a time in life when you go through different subjects ,activities and you find you interest deviating from time to time .The real task of life is to understand yourself ,the inner qualities hidden in you .when an individual perceives this thought of recognizing himself learns the real meaning of life .Because if a person becomes a man which is not inside him is actually like a butcher who is working as a surgeon .so it’s on individual either he becomes a man hidden inside him or regrets for his whole life of not finding peace and happiness in his work .

However you can pursue a degree i bachelors with colorful marks but don’t forget to ponder on you qualities which can be discovered to benefit society or a particular field of yours.

I have been thinking on same aspect and I hope to find my hidden qualities so I may find a clear vision of my life to work so I can enjoy it .Because i don’t want to climb the ladder of success ,which is laying on wrong the wall for your ladder before climbing it.