A little bit of Courtesy by my side….

To smile and recieve smile is Art.

Sometimes the simplest of smile exchanged between me and the Sweet little girl behind counters, is probably the best courtesy she had that day.

Selling is tough, that to people to people selling is toughest, The little girl who carefully arranges the counter, maintains her appearence, usually the hair neatly combed, careful check into details of her make up, which I never fail to notice.She wears a blue eyeliner and the make up she is selling to perfection and the liner and eyes look stunning effect on me the Artist.

I ,like all Artist get carried away in the expressions of her eye languange, which convey simply the earnest language, of Sincerely wishing me to buy, I smile at her admiringly, She blushes and then says “mam, you would look lovelier in this eye liner”

I reply immediately saying, not as lovely as you, there a scream of Joy in her sweet little voice, I forget I’m a buyer, instead I become her friend, and want to please her, I buy more than one product and she slowly encourages me to an irresistible offer of a beautiful pouch.

Women like packaging and free pouches as gifts when buying expensive make up, its something I adore, even as a young High school girl, I used to buy soaps which had some trinkets inside to excite me, the joys of Gifts along with products.

Shopping for make up suddenly, I forget the detail of money involved but go ahead with yes, I’ll take it and look closely at her and ask “happy?”

She smiles and runs to select the best color of pouch and bills it efficiently with smiles, buying is made a pleasurable experience, when it involves good intensions and Trust and being kind and friendly to counter girls, has got me friends of Sales girls, The very sight of these small framed young Sweet girls dressed in Blazer and suit with beautiful make up, perfume clean appearance, always inspires me to buy more.

“Health and Glow” is one shop which houses all make up in one store, the variety of health care products like small tiny clippers to neat “ Roots”combs and “Hi style” outlet has exclusive “color bar” branded cosmetics,the girl there is Another Sweetheart, She would run and hug me, everytime I enter shop, and the next 15 minutes, we would giggle and talk like long time friends and I will ask her doubts and finally buy that “pretty please” coral lip shade, with much happiness.

Sales and Marketing improves only if the friendly nurturing of Customers, we are all not shrewd Big businessmen or women, I’m just a artist buying Lipstick , she is a sales women in her young 23 years of age.I want to make her happy she is working to pay her rent.

I rush home carrying the purchase made as a trophy and closely admire the neatness of the package, I dress up immediately in my jean and blue peacock design tunic, brush my hair, apply a dash of pretty coral lipstick, and slowly apply the beautiful eyeliner in blue, and a thin black outline, my Artist hands uses my face as canvas, which the youtube American girls taught me with such beautiful details, I brush the lashes with mascara, apply a slight gloss to lips, and a pleasant floral perfume of , I buy mostly non alcoholic water based perfume and likes Floral light perfumes, and lot of different brands, favorite being Jasmine floral scent.

I watch my reflections and I do a happy walk, with music, much like the walk of liz hurley in movies, to my Dad, who smiles and asks where is your guitar? Darling?

I laugh at his beautiful memories, I started my dull day with a tough note, but one Salesgirl’s kindnesss and courteous exchange of girl to girl friendship , made it as “Day I purchased blue eyeliner.

A littlebit of courtesy and gentle sweetness can add charm to all, my adventurous life of being “subhasunshine” juggling between artist, writer, fashion, and above all Being a true Gemini girl, with Scorpio ascendant and Aquarius moon sign, I love being me in my hometown, Proud to be Chennaite.

Hugs from chennai, southern India, the beautiful coastal . tropical south.

Without Ego life is easier, our highest self guides us to our destiny, I choose to be Artist, a simple aspiring Enterprenuer. Who loves life and enjoys a smile without hesitation, but has no idea of some cruel intentions among others , I forget and forgive like a child but I get hurt very soon.

Hope to be more mature but I enjoy this freedom in anonymity, much than fame of limelight, where I have to fake identity.

Being Simply me is my favorite identity……thanks for reading.

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