Attensions Is Impact -Digital Marketing Trends and Socialmedia .

Social Media and Content Sharing in Recent Times is a fantastic Digital Marketing Trendsetter to several Marketing Theories Which We have already Known.The first Activities which are Shared Convey Several Key Words in Marketing World, The Age Cohort, being Very Important and This Conveys The User or Buyer or Clients details as Shared in Social Media images.

The conspicuous consumption Displayed in images, category is now broadly classified as Several Genre Species habitat and location and Demographic Details available to Every User of Social media.

These Topics convey Key elements like Digital Savvy, Techie, Market Analyst and Consumer, Buyer Terminology in Word coinage to describe person operating The Social media account, Baby Boomer, Mature Market, Gadget Buddy,Selfie expert, Sociale…To Foodie, to Gamer , To Traveller, and so many Words Millineals are inventing Coining much needs appreciation for the Word usage association and Shortness Attractive Stylish Linguistics Abilities.

These Millineals trends are amazing skill and The Enthusiastic power of Sharing and at the same time Teaching by using these Words to Rest of Generations is Generously displays their Being Daring Young attitude.

So , While Handling Tough Social media Interactions the Emoticons and Cool Memes are increasingly affecting and inviting Attensions for Rest of Audience.The Key Ability to not only Display them being Highly Individual thinkers , These Young people are The Digital Transformation Lead Generators.

Now, What concerns me is these Details shared so obviously can improve Your Buying Experience and Reachable client And favorables List, But The darker sides need to be addressed to, Every New Experience cannot be 100% Risk free, So Digital Marketeers and Marketeers Can be Issued a Data Abuse License card chart, a Universal Code of Conduct and Reported Violations of that particular Service or Product or Personnel , a agreement based on Ethics and Values of Trust points these Digital Marketeer Global License holder conveys.

All Attensions need not be Clients, buyers or probable User of Whatever Service or Business you Create your Social media stratergy as.These studies and Reflection of Current highly abusive negative marketing Techniques as Comments , Trolls, who can be crowdfunded to Damage any Good product or Service by creating Rumour Marketing.

What We aim is Intensions Expressed in Digital Content Sharing, Trust in The Greater Universe to Hope Good things Shared should inspire Great Innovations, Which The Original Internet was intended to Share for Education , public safety, Privacy to Devoted Work Ethics, till the Spies Ruined us followed by Hackers.

These Digital Trends need clarity and Mature Clean Minded Interactions as Public online mannerisms, Which can be learnt, Good Manners Make Good Neighbors, Lets discuss Fences as we Grow what each other Nuture in their Realms of Social media Usage.

These are my observation based on what I thought on Topics, Thank you for Reading Till here, Where ever you are, I wish you Peace of mind while Using Social media.

Cleanse your Residues of Negative contents you are exposed to everyday, Meditate, Digital detox, Sleep hygeine, Health is Wealth.

Trust , believe, be safe, Become your Dream

Greetings, Subhasunshine, Chennai, South India .


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