If Looks Could Kill: The Story Behind the Most Intense Lion Portrait

Beautiful article, Great read, and the visual content and Quality is awesome, Thanks for the share, Greetings from South India Chennai, I love photography, but some people in my country especially the wanna be socialmedia bloggers and fame seekers, enter The wildlife zone and chase These mighty magnificent creatures and cause panic, anxiety with the Sound of Trucks,and invade the space of animals provoke a shot, all great animal photographers of Leopards, Tigers and Lions have already waged war,

I have seen personally on my visits to Such Places in South India, in Karnataka, mysore, mandya……where touts and poachers also pretend as tour guides, and this attitude is associated with Age old dominance, and human superiority complex, the recent shooting of a lion by a dentist, was a crime…..so bad…..and, Lion is and still a magnificent thing.

Having seen some of these in their regal habitat, I was awestruck with the complete insensitive nature of these IT bloggers who seem to be pretending to be showing off their skills pretending to be real professional photographers.

Social media poses and use of animals in it , surely is a kind of sick imagination of Self obsessed Vanity to proclaim the age old Practice of fighting Nature with man made inventions and Weapons,

I had to share with you these details as I have personally seen the psychological anxiety and the massive reduction of some beautiful creatures of South Indian Western Ghats, and malabar, and beautiful karnataka, my reflections are a sense of pain…..at abuse meant on Animals in name of Creative photography. Animals are slowly becoming extinct, if we don't stop this massive intrusion of their privacy, I wish Adults look at animals like children in Awe at Magnificent creatures which they think in their books and cartoons they are exposed to.

Thanks for the beautiful artful insights about the art, much regards, and respect, for the truly Professional photographers,

Greetings from South India, Chennai,

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