Pongal Festival.

Its Pongal festival in South Indian state of Tamilnadu, A festival celebrating Harvest , praying and thanking the Sun God for His magnificent influence on Crops and a good Harvest to bring profit to all.

Pongal is mostly celebrated in Rural parts of Tamilnadu with wonderful spirit, Its a fantastic Three day harvest festival , with “Thai pongal” on 15 th The day we worship Sun God with a pot of fresh made “Akara vasidisel” or “Sakara Pongal”a sweetened Pongal(pudding) made of Rice and jaggery and Elaichi flavored pudding, considered as a prasad or a food fit for God.

The main reason is to celebrate the Farmers and their Work as agriculture as Thanksgiving.

The second day is for the farmers best friend the cattle day, on 16th is “maatu pongal” so the cows of the farm are dressed with painted horns and lot of ornaments on their neck, Taken for a ride , and all household give Fruit and some gifts to the Animal.

The third day is 17th Sunday, is known as “kanum pongal” a day where family, friends , relatives all get into gangs and visit picnic places, family visits, luncheon with all children wearing their Best Pongal dresses and ride in Carts from villages to cities, and “kanum” meaning “Sightseeing festival”

The Marina beach, zoo, and all parks, public places are full of such brightly dressed People who flock to cities in huge numbers and visit all tourist places and Temples having special carnivals, where sport’s for youth is encouraged like the traditional sports of “Kabadi” and “URee” a sport where pot and pyramid formation by Teams is performed in carnivals.

The important must have traditions of pongal is the Sugarcane plant which is kept in all houses and the tumeric plant all kept with the Offering to God,The symbolic of This Sugarcane is may all our lives be Sweet as Sugarcane. A sweetened Sugarcane juice with Lemon Is a local rural delight, to all who know and travel in rural south India.

There is always new release of movies and its traditional that families go watch Pongal movie release in groups and Enjoy Their vacation.

As a south Indian Tamilian, pongal is the most important festival for us.

These are the best days of living in A society which has great respect for family values, Wishes hugs and God bless all of us with Great health wealth and happiness, Kindly celeberate a Environmental conscious pongal and not littering Garbage in the public places during Festival times.

I have had the great opportunity to have been to all the part of Entire Tamilnadu and witnessed all these scenes of festivities, Now miss those childhood memories.

Thanks for reading it till here, Those were the golden days , like all I have slowly accepted my growing up and caught in the mundane struggle of existence, Wish the children enjoy these traditional festivals and hope We reflect the joy when we see them in smiling faces.

Greetings, yours Subhasunshine, South India, Chennai,God bless, peace ♡love♡ Hugs♡

Greetings, yours Subhasunshine, South India, Chennai,God bless, peace ♡love♡ Hugs♡