Selfie therapy a perspective anaysis on Women and Cyberpsychology.♡

The number of E commerce sights and how Internet has changed the mind set of the working Indian women and uplift men and support them, These sucess stories of so many Good women working with so many Technology firms has only highlighted the Age of Awakening of awareness among these Educated middle aged women.

The sharing of photographs in Internet and social media has helped thousands realise their own potential and capabilities as being Contributing to the million dollar online E commerce websites.

The decision and slowly wanting to buy homes ,clean hometown pictures share, the development of Smart cities, lifestyle post and being online helps them learn trends, But some drawbacks are also there.

We have to slowly consider the plus and minus of being online and Psychological emotions traded for feel good factors of Self image consciousness, body image inferiority complex, work factor, workout routine jealousy, and competition for the family vacation snaps.

As someone who is trying to write a tough project

“ Love in times social media Urban perspective”for my upcoming book , still struggling with several blocks,Technology plays hero, as witness on justice.

These are merely observation based on perception of social media user esp by females in facebook and competion rivalry which makes online sales high using Jealousy as sales pitch.These are my very attempts in writing, learning sharing with you.

These culture trends observation are based on few case studies, of active mom users, people I interviewed and personal stories shared to me, in discreet,no intention to hurt anyone or harm .

Women empowerment and selfie pose, is not only in dressing up but also To inspire many to become self independent , self reliant ,bear good healthy children without Addiction to Alcohol,drugs and lose weight after Stress led weight gain issues, health and fitness perfect gadget, become More Focused on education and Empowerment and self confident of her role as Independent working, stylish women.

So far the selfie posing has created a new best psychiatrist or psychological advisor, The best trainor by updates on your running work book, details and your workout time , music therapy, Podcast creator, vlog creator, creative photo retreat sole catalyst.

So the mobile phone is the hero of latest Technology of connectivity, and Perspective sharing device.

The best is that One smart phone with a best User intention of doing best thing is to heal depression, and use Virtual reality for therapy of addiction.

The best purpose of cyber psychology is to train us with our smiles, inspiring us to be better shape and compete to workout to inspire life among so many hearbroken young people.

Love and mobile phone and the selfie which has become clear winners,I love the Selfie culture has contributed to best cause to heal depression.

A self image booster and the angle to which you admire yourself more is Best of Psychology, to bring back the beauty of being Human, With Technology and mobile technology, Life in these times are going to be great.

Working on Impact of Mobile phone on Building the broken self images of mind, heart and soul, to reflect What is there in picture is what it is.

So please ladies upload your best picture online, You are the Best brand ambassador of your brand in your sucess story of surviving Internet.

No one is alone in Social media, This is the best of psychology to heal broken hearts, save lives, a simple like and kind word can save lives.

Education awareness, stress buster a selfie therapy is all you need My dearest young Beautiful women, Be happy, make education as fashion statement and Selfie your modern resume to world, and Design thinking as a college education completion as plan.

All the best, to all young who are constantly changing the trends and Proving that majority like Good intension as best technology.

Be safe, be blessed, happy work week all,

Yours subhasunshine ,south India, Chennai.

Thank you for reading it till here, Like it if you like it , it would motivate me to write more better, btw the photos are my creative attempts too.☺


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