The “Big Bang Theory” of Bigdata Analytics , Collisions Frictions, Catalyst Role play in Leading Innovations.

The more we learn the way how Big Data applied as in Data Interpretation, I realise these are times when all these multitudes of Perspectives and Interpretations, applied Data analytics on Optimization is More a “Big Bang Theory” Of New Innovations.

Any Digital transformation or the Friction based on Clashing of Disruptions have evolved and lead to Break through Technology as Innovations,If only we learn to alter the Sequence, study the Prediction based on pattern based on Data visualization.

We have come far in accepting and reading Perspectives, being Shared in Every Platforms.

These sharing of Ideas are Innovations which Lead to Instant application in Designthinking of Sustainability and continuously Stable Ideas to lead to Best of Technology and Future Technology. We need Solutions to Solve with Sustainable leads as Cybersecurity, Cyber Safety as Ethics in Data management.

These Ideals set as Goals with Ethics in Translation of Work Done from authentic Sources leading to Real problem solvers are the Kind of Thoughts We need to inculcate, No Digital Transformation is Enough without Innovations to Solve, and No Disruptions without aim to Block Loop holes and Possibilities of Cyber threat can play Catalyst Role in Progress.

Technology and Users are Continuously A Challenge to The Way we live, Hope all Applied in Online can impact the Change in Reality, The better access to Internet with Safety, Infrastructure facilities to Empower, motivate Technology and Science in Education, Safety of Public Transport Systems, water management, Disaster Management.

We need United Concious application of Clashing of Perspective as Friction in analytics could make Catalyst Role of “Big data” as The Big Bang leading to Innovations.

Greetings, Thanks if you read it till here, Best wishes in Changing The World for Better world, Fame and Profit are not the only Impacts These Sharing of Perspectives are intended, Like all Great Boon which originated with Idea of Education and Research, Hope Big data Solves and Trains Us to Use it Best.

Subhasunshine, Chennai, India.Greetings,

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