The “King Lears of My Land”Media watch Criticism on Farmers Protest and Socio Economic Psychological impact on Mind Seeing Elders in agony.

The last few days media was agony , my educated Digital literate Tamil urban mind, who reads Social media and tries to understand that All Digital savy Indians care for social good and are better than Their Previous Generations.

But, When comes to Social Diversity Expression, On South Indian Topic, Even the Social media active Urban keeps Quiet.

I’m Urban, yes, but As Tamilian I’m aware of Perspectives I’m exposed to, And I can relate and feel the anger and Pain among my Cohort, Educated, aware, Digital literate, Community of Responsibile Social media Users.

I tried in vain to resist, ignore these anger, painful agony of watching Farmers, The sons of soils become The King lears of Land, who feed us, suffer, worse been forced to driven into a Madness of state by Their Inability to want attension to their plight.

One hand I see Progress , Growth and positive impact, and Economic welfare being Digital India, ads all over, The other hand the continuous Distraction of Norms, Currency policy, Linking UHId, data collection Marketeers representing And working for Government, trying to Supress Media attention and Threats to non Supporters of Ruling Govt policies, Free speech and Democracy doesn’t mean Any Resistance which reduces Rights of Human being Be “Media controlled” with paid Journalism as Tool for Governance.

All capitalist friendly Government who claim to make Civilians Rich but only their Political clan and Politicians are Rich, hiding money, corrupt practices in ignoring Immediate requirements of Poorest of poor.

These Men who come to leadership claiming they are standing with Farmers are actually a photo publicity Event.The way My Lands leaders hospitalization was a publicity event to all aspiring politicians.

What message do these Elected Representatives convey to the farmers , which constituency they represent, shouldn’t all Tamilnadu MP, MLA resign? In showing solidarity.

We know they refused to resign even when Leadership to Ruling Govt had no Leader.We in Tamilnadu suffer the want of One leader, our leaders are old, No body has the charismatic Powerful, Presence, of authority, Trust , loyalty, Cultural Representative of a collective Identity of modern Mixed culture of my Industrial manufacturing hub Tamilnadu, India.

These million Perspectives are the average life of a educated, Empowered Women struggling to gain Train my mind to agility, viscosity accept These Transformation as necessary for the birth of New United India, Diversity I believe, strongly, All people I meet in Reality in my Cohort, are Educated, aware, Very Dignified representative of their Lands, I live with Neighbors all migrants, whose Vote is still in Native land.Malayalees, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, These urban mixed Society people , Respect and Have Unitedly making Progress in changing The landscape of my City, Chennai.

Yes , Chennai has the association of Conservative, Less glamorous Place to Settle, but remember the cost of living and access to Smart projects will make you want to Respect the leaders in past , politicians too, Good men and Women who Stood to make our Land to this Stage.

Education, Job, freedom of women, I live here well, safe, women security is high, not because of politics or by Police presence but by the Expectations of Society Which has strict Women friendly Empowering programs.

So much Good, and Yet , These sights poorest Rural development progress reports, reflect the lack of Responsible representatives from Rural constituencies in playing The Role of providers of Change.

These views are mine, I don’t have political ideologies, nor dreams, These are my first attempt to write Social impact , social change, On plight of Farmers.I only say I’m saddened by the sight of Farmers in Land, protesting . I’m just Artist, Analyst , I’m aspiring writer, Aspiring Entrepreneur, How can I say, profit , gain is my Version of Sucess.Being Educated learning to be Woman Entrepreneur in Times of Social media, I might be walking on Thin Line of Risking The Questions Never a Aspiring Entrepreneur should ask!Social Responsibility! my Way of Leadership in Digital times, Let me go through my Struggle, in end I own my views, my life, my expressions, Actions .I can do now is Clearly only one express Empathy. show my Pain.

Criticism is Just an authors right to question wrong as in Ethics of Journalism. I Hope The best of my country Journalist, mentors, Academicians, writers,will be able to solve this Situation of farmers, I request They do in hope of Better Humanity,That India stood up again for farmers, be the Way we win Enlightenment.

In dire hope of Emancipation from Despair, Let Karma , behold Right of Conduct of those who Were elected to Rule our Changing Dynamic India.

Hope is my Eternal flame burning inside a 40 year, Educated, empowered woman ,yes, Dreamer of Good actions.

Praying for That action from Leaders, Learning my way about Expressed by best before me, even young ones behind me, to Lead better, The Journey is Procession of Awakening , Stay brave, Young, We walk to together, with Elders.

Greetings, Subhasunshine, thanks if you read it, Hope to write express more in future.Love hugs, care!

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