I agree, there should be no labelling as such.
john seeker

Your spot on, and I'm also sharing it on Twitter, its been a pleasure to read some of your post on all issues, best being that Dream analysis, much admiration in some clarity expressed on tough topics, Thanks John,

As a woman I feel offended when a designer label designed for me, the born women is made as cover photo of a magazine for causes,

I have to wait and watch my next purchase, as exclusively feminine and designed by women for women.

I'm slightly shy when letting men design my hairstyle, or even my clothes, In Chennai we don't allow men to even enter kitchen or house old chores.

I fear LGBTQ people.:)

Thanks , I'm learning Dancing to launch my own small boutique, and a fashion store of designer clothes.:)

Wish me luck as a New person openly active in social media for one year, struggling with so much, sometimes I want to quit get married and Cook Basmati rice, and cut vegetables and paint silently inside four walls forever.:)

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