Can science prove the existence of God?
Ethan Siegel

Like, one criminal should have also one lawyer to defend him/herself, so that arguments can be made available from both side and his/her crime can be proved, we are grateful to author of this article for creating such a wonderful opportunity to react.

Author has spent most valuable time by explaining complex science, which leaves no option to deny the enthusiasm, but it equally makes easier for us to be more determined about the goal or object, where we feel very unlucky as per expectation.

Having a good knowledge of science and awareness about science are not the same.

That’s why, it becomes easy for a rocket scientist to go to temple for taking due blessing of god, before rocket emission or any similar kind of experiment OR for a doctor, performing a prayer to god before going to OT too.

Because of our limitation for not to be able to explain every thing we expect from us, our unanswered question can not be mapped to default or baseless answer.

Because we are failed to find the thief of my house, we can’t say that a popular thief xyz must be considered as right choice to punish for so.

In this context, how below criteria can be looked as logical at all?

“And finally, if we don’t find life in the places and under the conditions where we expect it, can that prove the existence of God?”

Another point- does science need to have only responsibility to prove or unprove the existence of god, isn’t necessary that responsibilty should come from god itself too??

And how contradictory it is that when science is all over trying hard to crack everything as it can with its limited resource, based on logic or reason, just a stat of supernatural experience by human(emotion or sentiment or weakness or other kind of unreliable form) can be considered as powerful evidence of another super power!!!

Can one question be answered, like- is it all about one time installation and commissioning? Is that all?? No Operation and Maintenance(O&M) are required!!! No feedback mechanism!!! How it can be possible that one creator has overlooked its creation after just creating it(we need to ignore the gender of god, as always people confuses others)?? Is that possible for a creator, a creator??!!

So, question arises again- god was?? or god still exists??

But again, possibility is quite there to get the answer that it was then, still exists and will remain forever(one logic could be as long as science or intellectuals will not able to find every answer of every question) without needing any evidence or logic whatsoever.

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