It’s pretty wild to say that I’ve finished my last internship ever. I’m writing this as a reminder that though this phase of internships might be coming to an end, learning never really stops. So here’s what I’ve learned from my last three summers!

Make friends, they’re great

Meet people from around the world who all have unique paths, but these paths have somehow converged to the same destination. You gain new perspectives and heads up, friends make summer so much more fun.

InternSHIP jk it was a boat cruise || Seattle 2017

Give it your best shot

You’re way more than a packet of transcripts, resumes, internship and interview feedback that gets sent to a hiring committee. So give it your best shot and breathe.

Don’t be afraid of the crowd

Even if it’s a room full of male infrastructure engineers, speak your mind. If anything, you already stand out. And hey you might even find yourself asking the VP of YouTube Engineering about his leadership practices.

Wander more, it’s fantastic

Spend time exploring cities. So much of the internship experience is influenced by the surrounding location and its people. Glissade down a mountain in Olympic National Park or try the tastiest foods Boston has to offer.

Charles River (apologies if you were expecting a food picture) || Boston 2018
pro tip sneak under these glass sculptures for a cool view of the space needle || Seattle 2016

Recognize stepping stones

Realizing that stepping stones exist is the first stage of making a large impact. I’ve always wanted to do work that has a positive impact on the world. But to be fair, most people do. Having large scale goals is great, but like with anything, we need to start somewhere and get better with practice and experience. So start small, but never stop dreaming big.

Embrace risks

And the scary thing is, risks come with uncertainty. However if you embrace this uncertainty instead of fear it, it’s possible to view the outcomes as new opportunities to grow rather than consequences. It’s all about the mindset.

It’s quite cool to see that all of these reflections can be extrapolated to many aspects of life, and not just internships. So to all my friends and mentors at Microsoft and YouTube, thank you for the wisdom and of course, the mems!