Another top 5 surface pattern design classes to take your skill to the next level

In this competitive world, it is very important to keep on learning new skills, new techniques. I love to learn new stuff, and if you are also the same kind of human being then, in this article I am listing you six classes on surface pattern design, which will take your skills to the next level. You can find the previous article by going through this link. In that article, I have listed top 5 surface pattern design classes to get started.

So, here is my list:

i) Watercolor for Surface Pattern Design: Working with Adobe Illustrator: Watercolor is among most beautiful and important tool for surface pattern designers. Patterns created with watercolors are everywhere. That’s why It is important to learn watercolor skills if you want to increase diversity in your work. In this class “Bonnie Christine” has taught the basics of using watercolor, different water color technique and finish the pattern design in adobe illustrator. Even if you have never used watercolor, you can learn easily with this class.

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ii) Designing Patterns That Work: Creating Motifs for Products: Motifs are among very important and impactful design element. As a designer, it is really important to understand motifs and how you can use them into your design. That’s why here is my second pick. A class by designer “ Samarra Khaja”. In her class, she has discussed from finding inspiration, creating motifs from them, transforming that motif into a beautiful looking pattern and finally use them into different kind of products.

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iii) Design Scandinavian Patterns: From Research To Finished Design In Illustrator: Scandinavia is an iconic place for designers. Many art revolutions started from this place. Scandinavia is a historical and cultural region in Northern Europe characterized by a common ethnocultural North Germanic heritage and mutually intelligible North Germanic languages. The country included in Scandinavia are Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In his class “Shubham Sharma” has discussed the Scandinavian art, his design process and more advanced ways of creating patterns. The class is very easy to follow and it is also a great opportunity of creating a project on “Scandinavian Art”.

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iv) Introduction to Surface Design: Creating and Mixing Patterns: Patterns are everywhere and this class will teach you how to see patterns, create patterns from basic shapes, how to create their variations using adobe illustrator, exploring different design theories and techniques. Overall this is a great class to open your mind or teach you how to see the world from pattern designer perspective.

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v) Pattern Illustration: Design and Illustrate a Repeat Pattern in Adobe Photoshop: Till now, all the class I have mentioned is using adobe illustrator for finishing purpose. This last class I am listing will teach you, how to use hand-drawn elements to create patterns. The software used in the class in adobe photoshop, which is essential when you are creating hand drawn patterns. In this class, Emily Cromwell has shared her process of creating patterns and it is very helpful.

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So, after watching all these classes, you will have a very deep knowledge of surface pattern design and you can call yourself professional “surface pattern designer”. :)

Thank you.