confusion and struggle.

Hi friends. I am subhojit Chakraborty from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. i want to share a short story of my present life that still going on in struggle. friends, i have completed my education from a good school based on c.b.s.e. pattern and then i have completed my high school in state board and i have completed my graduation in electrical and electronics engineering. during my childhood i was too good in playing cricket. i was one of the best fast bowlers in my school. i always wanted to play cricket rather than to study all the the time.i use to think most of the time of becoming a cricketer. i always use to go for different cricket selections happening in my city. after completion of my 10th i choosed pure science as i decided to go for science stream. My father told me that there was nothing left in sports so for a better future i should leave playing cricket and choose a career in studies and i did that. i failed twice in eleventh and then also i completed my 12th high school somehow with fair percentage. then i decided to go for engineering as looking at my father of leaving cricket and i thought may be it will be a good decision for me and also i was also interested in science. i completed my engineering but with less percentage. and now i am struggling for job. wherever i look for electrical job a percentage issue comes and lots of problem arises and that makes me realize that i made a blunder mistake by choosing engineering as my life’s career. still today i think whether my decision was wrong or right and till present date i don’t have any job regarding my engineering. I am still in a hope to get a better job in Electrical and Electronics.

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