A time travel through the evolution of Product Design

Product Design is perceived to be a relatively young discipline but it’s inception rooted way back in the Industrial Revolution since Mid-eighteenth century.

The Industrial Revolution (1750- 1850) : Mid -eighteenth century witnessed a huge number of significant industrial developments Major contributors were Sr Benjamin Franklin , James Watt and many more

Josiah Wedgwood ( 1730–95) Transformed Pottery Industry to a mass manufacturing production system, an early stage of Production line concept.

Source Courtsey : http://media.vam.ac.uk/media/thira/collection_images/2007BP/2007BP1471_jpg_l.jpg

The Great Reform Movements


Dreadful conditions in factories in mid nineteenth century, led to a widespread worker unrest.The increasing mechanization of the industrial revolution encompassed not only production method but products themselves. Thomas edition’s discovery of light bulb & microphone created a new wave. Issac Singer’s sewing machine became a household name. Amongst all these the famous Coffee House chair is still referred as an burning example of revolutionary design. This was designed by Michael Thonet.

Michale Thonet’s Coffe House Chair | Source — (http://www.technologystudent.com/prddes1/thonet1.html)
Source — (http://www.technologystudent.com/prddes1/thonet1.html)

50 Millions of these were produced till 1930. It was Awarded a Gold Medal at the 1867 Paris World Fair.

Art Nouveau


Art Nouveau was a movement culminated a fully formed international movement in many of the key centres of Europe, including Paris, Nancy, Brussels Glasgow, Munich and Art Nouveau was called decorative style

Most of the Art nouveau was influenced by geometrical forms drawn from Japanese art as an aftereffect of Western world discovering Asian culture.

One of the significant work was Henri Van de Velde’s (1897 -98) writing desk which was quite an example of organic aesthetic qualities.

Source — linahernandez42.wixsite.com

Modernism to pre-war luxury and power


The first half of twentieth century was a time of political and economic upheaval across most of the Europe one of the remarkable creation was Barcelona Chair’ designed by ludwig van der rohe

Bauhaus Movement


Translate the word to English and see this is “ Building house” opened in 1919 under it’s first director Walter Gropius, integrated the disciplines of art and design under one roof

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