Essentials of Product Design & Management

Productizing Process Framework

· Overview of Productizing Process Framework, Productizing innovation

· Customer Value Research and Analysis, Firm Competencies, Competitive Industry / Market Analysis, Customer Win/Loss Analysis, Firm Performance Analysis

· Target Market Definition and Sizing, Product Strategy, Strategic Pricing, Buy Build or Partner ?, Business Model & Plan

· Requirement Definition, Product Line Economies , Budget Planning and Cost Mgmt., Market Acceptance and Availability, Product Road mapping

· Positioning and Value Communication, Routes — To — Market, Channels and Partnerships, Marketing Planning, Launch Planning, Customer Acquisition Models

· Collaterals and Lead Generation, Sales and Channel Training, Customer Relationship Management, Funnel Analysis, Market Assets at Different Sales Stages, Technical Tools Vs. Business Tools as Marketing Assets

· Customer insighting & Market discovery- Value proposition design, User interviewing persona

· Market research, Analysis, Segmentation & Target Market Analysis

· Data Analysis & Consulting

· Product Marketing- Product Marketing fundamentals, Market Strategy & Customer Adoption, customer acquisition& retention, Pricing & monetization

· Sales management enablement , Distribution channel & routes to market

Product designing- Methods and process

Research- Interview, Literature review, cross cultural comparison, cultural probes, q survey, Camera journals, Narration, focus group, shadowing, ethnography, market research, product briefing, structuring brief , customer need analysis, primary, secondary, tertiary design objectives

Concept design- Analogical thinking, Attribute listing, Idea checklist, Lateral thinking, Mind mapping, Drawing techniques, thematic sketching, concept sketching, schematic sketching , rendering & Presentation

Top view elevation Isometric view drawing Orthographic drawing

Concept Evaluation- Intuition, Mock up evaluation, mock up evaluation, multi voting, pros n cons, protocol analysis, Task analysis, Matrix evaluation

Prototyping- Quick & dirty prototyping, Experience prototyping, Role playing, Body storming, be your customer, scenario modeling, Scenario testing , storyboarding,

Details Design- product subdivision, components, integration, testing

Markting the product & Sell- Name swaping, image mood board, perceptual mapping ,trend forcasting, marketing mix,

Inclusive Design, Emotional design, Visceral design, Behavioral design, Reflective design.