I would go as far as saying that the politically correct mafia on the left perpetuates a form of bigotry on its own because it alienates and “otherizes” those who do not share their ways of thinking and speaking about the world.
Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

I love this post, Bailey Lamon , you have articulated the exact thoughts I’ve been having for the last several years. I think the problem is that these ‘social justice warriors’ you mention live in a ‘prescriptive’ world that they have created in their minds and not in the ‘descriptive’ world that actually exists.

They are more concerned about how things should be, according to the theories they have been taught and have read about, rather than dealing with the world as it is, and to try to make it better.

The other insight that you talk about - how these crusaders turn into the mafia who suppress free thought and expression in the name of political correctness - is also very true. In many ways they are like the crusaders of the middle ages, where they try to uplift their point of view by violating and suppressing the others’ point of view. This is fascism. The extreme left, in this respect, is different only from the extreme right in what they believe in, not in how they go about practicing it.

As a Liberal, this saddens me to an extent where I tend to shy away from the Liberal identity since today’s liberalism is more orthodox than orthodoxy itself. It also saddens me to see that this militancy shrouds the true merits of liberalism and turns away so many people who would have joined us otherwise.

Thank you for posting this.