What voting for Bernie means

Dear California,

Please vote in the primary elections tomorrow! I’m tired of hearing “Well, I’d love to vote for Bernie, but Bernie doesn’t really stand a chance in this election.” I’m tired of these excuses. If you think he’s the best candidate, vote for him.

Like that time we lost Prop 8 on gay rights for gay marriage. Okay, yes, we lost, but we sure as hell made a ruckus. Ruckus leads to awareness. Awareness leads to progress. Then just a few years later, we DID win. We’re not just voting for Bernie to win, we’re voting to pave the way for all the future candidates like him.


Sorry I f_cked up am I am not registered to vote for the primaries because I wasn’t sure if I was coming back to Orange County. (I was out of the country for 1 year)


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