The Forgotten City

A New York that no longer exists

Times Square | NY in the 80s 38 | Steven Siegel |
Lower East Side | NY in the 80s 125 | Steven Siegel
NY in the 80s 227 | Steven Siegel
Times Square | NY in the 80s 2 | Steven Siegel
Central Park 1981 | NY in the 80s 402 | Steven Siegel
South Bronx | NY in the 80s 506 | Steven Siegel
Chess player in Washington Square Park, 1985 | NY Street Portrait 3 | Steven Siegel

“New York street photography is the richest and most productive kind of photography because there’s always so much going. In any given second, there are literally thousands of potential images which are constantly changing.” — Steven Siegel

Artist Director of I write here about what interests me: art, culture, history and the world I am surrounded by.

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