A Twitter Story

This is a story about people. Twitter people. No, not about all of them. Just about three of them. ‘A’, ‘D’, and ‘S’.

— — — —


A straightforward man. God-fearing. Conservative. Eternal optimist. Loyalist.

He believed in the System. He is a part of the System. A government employee. He has powers. He has the authority.

He joined Twitter recently. Expressed himself. Like, he ever does. Aggressively and passionately. Got a huge fan following in no time.

Some people called him names. Bhakt. Sanghi. Right wing nationalist. Fascist.

— — — —


An old-time twitter celebrity. Smart. Intelligent. He cracked best of the jokes those days.

These days — he mocks, ridicules and trolls. Stays vigilant online. Spots every stupidity and ignorance on twitter. The moment he spots it, he’s on a roll.

Cynical. Anti-establishment. Liberal. He claims that he is never condescending though.

Some people called him names too. Libtard. Anti-national. Sickular. Maoist.

— — — —


D’s friend. He agrees with D. He praises D. He retweets D. He quotes D. He favorites D. He fights for D.

D’s views are his views.

However, he has relatively a better name than D among his fellow twitterati.

— — — —

Before A joining twitter, D and S mostly ruled their twitter world. D made fun of people’s stupidity and ignorance. S, LOL-ed and ROFL-ed. Many didn’t even have comebacks.

A joined twitter.

He is smarter than most of the people D and S mocked. He replied. Aggressively and passionately. Sometimes even in a series of tweets. D and S didn’t like it. Not even a bit. They called each other names. They fought day and night about everything that happened — on that day, a week before, a year before, in 2002, in 1984, in 18th century, before the big bang.

Twitter became a war-zone. A lost his focus. D lost his sense of humour. S continued to retweet D, however reluctantly.

— — — —

A pulled the entire history of D and mocked him for not completing his homework when he was in kinder garden.

For a comeback, D asked S to research about A. That’s when he found out.

That, A is none other than @@@, an old-time member from his Orkut Community ‘rOcKsTaR rOcKeRs’.

The world collapsed around him. He couldn’t just believe. He was fighting with his own orkut community member!

— — — —

On the other hand, A was on a rampage. At times, he even abused. D couldn’t handle it anymore.

He took a final decision. BLOCK!

D sent a private message to S. “BLOCK THAT BLOKE”.

S didn’t respond. Two days passed. D resent the same message again. No response again.

Couldn’t control his emotions, D sent a tweet publicly to S, “Are you even my #nanbaenda?”


S exploded. He told the truth. That A is his old-time Orkut Community member. That he cannot block him ever in his lifetime. That how Orkut those days were better than Twitter these days!

— — — —

Just when S thought this is the end of his friendship with D, D offered to be a friend with A. He even offered to stop being a troll.

S told this to A. They became that old-time community members again. D remained S’s best friend. They stopped calling each other names. They respectfully disagreed. They discussed and deliberated. They listened to each other. They even discussed about movies, sports and sometimes nothing.

— — — —

That was when D was BLOCKED by K. His old-time enemy from yahoo-chat.

P.S.: Any resemblance to a Tamil ‘block’buster movie is not coincidental.

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