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What happens when you put together the alumni of IIT Bombay and St.Xaviers together? Well, trust them to teach us physics and mathematics and all that jazz, in the coolest manner possible! Laugh Guru, launched on April 10th, 2015, is a website which combines the academics of middle school with real life situations (Bollywood included) and teaches concepts to children in a humorous manner.

If the concepts are taught in a humorous and unique manner, children can relate to them and this helps them understand their lessons. At the same time they can remember which concepts in turn will help them score marks. The founders at Laugh Guru, did a research on how teaching concepts with humour helps kids in understanding.They have even published the paper in The International Journal of Education and Psychological Research.

I really liked this quote in this article, “When children are allowed the time and space to build strong foundations, the skills built later on come more easily and solidly. “

I completely believe in this statement. A strong foundation in education is very important. We parents know that well. But in this competitive world the focus gets deviated to academic excellence and scoring marks rather than on understanding the concepts. With the amount of pressure the child goes through we cannot blame them too. So here is a website that helps to teach children concepts in their language and their level of understanding.

Go on, hop on to LaughGuru. com , a cool venture from the folks at Laugh Out Loud Ventures.
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