Smarter than the smartest!

Hello friends! The title must have given you a hint I would be sharing some really smart hacks today; well sadly that is not the case.

I want to share a story or rather say a situation which I faced very recently. I was interning with an organisation which had hired an HR personnel XYZ. Mr. XYZ introduced himself as an alumni of a very reputed and elite B-school. This impressed me quiet a lot and my knack for research forced me to do some more analysis about Mr. XYZ. To my horror I find that all the details provided by him were fake. Also I did some comparative analysis of his display pic on two social media platforms. I decided to confront him and that I did. You must be thinking that he must have felt embarrassed and remorseful- Naah (No). He decided to cook up another story by mentioning that the two pictures were different. I kept mum! What do I do next? There were young students (not even graduates) who were interning as well. I made a separate group of all the employees and displayed the excellence of my research :P

It very important that we do thorough analysis of every situation, person or thing before investing our emotions, time and money for it!

Have a good day people :)

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