Airbnb is lying again: This time about “One Host, One Home”

At this point it’s safe to assume that if Airbnb is telling you something, they’re hiding facts or outright lying, as we showed in NYC and LA.

This time Airbnb has posted it’s now a “One Host, One Home” platform in NYC. This is another lie. Now the professional operators simply have multiple fake accounts, one per listing. So it’s one “host” Airbnb account per one “listing”, but many of the accounts are run by the SAME organization. Remember that in NYC, about 9.8% of hosts who account for over 72% of NYC activity — Airbnb‘s’ profits come from these illegal operators!

In one of hundreds of cases, SubletSpy found thirty-eight accounts for a single property in Hell’s Kitchen! This is common — many hosts have 4 or 10 accounts for the same unit, and others have dozens.

Airbnb surely knows this:

  1. The money goes to the same operation
  2. The address of the listing remains the same
  3. The photos & apartments and GPS coordinates remain the same or similar
  4. IP addresses and other “signatures” remain the same

Nothing has changed.

Airbnb could simply set the calendar in NYC to only offer 30+ rentals. They could require ID verification in-person. They don’t. These are simple, overnight solutions, but Airbnb makes its money off illegal hotels. It is not ancillary, it is the core of their business model.

I (Ari Teman, the founder of SubletSpy), recently had lunch with the head of one of Airbnb’s early funders. Great guy, and a fund that really invests in some cool tech (Airbnb isn’t “tech”, it’s a listing site). Turned into a three hour lunch. They had no idea about the high percentage of Illegal Operators making the basis of Airbnb’s activity. (You’ll note they didn’t participate in the latest round, and I’d bet against them participating again.) Airbnb was funded by lying to investors, and Brian Chesky actively recruited illegal hotel operators, so why not lie to the public?

Airbnb continues to lie. 
Airbnb continues to knowingly enable illegal activity.

Don’t believe them.

About us: Launched this April, SubletSpy helps over 50 landlords catch and evict illegal hotels from sites like Airbnb in their buildings. We deliver hundreds of reports each month. We use thousands of machines and advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and computer-vision developed by an international team of PhDs and ex-military engineers.

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