series of words / VI

08/01/2019 | 18:03

2019 had been hard one. 8 days and so many things happened already. From family, lovers to university — had pull me down to brief yet painful episodes of anxiety attack and depression. And it barely over. And i barely survive. Truth to be told…I don’t know until when i could survive. To this point in life, all i could do is coping. And well, slightly hoping that it will be over.

An end of continuous downs.

An end to constant lies that i’m okay.

The bandages are piling up

My wound won’t heal

I’m bleeding inside out

I become a victim of my doings

I close my eyes and hope to die

Yet my soul




You can do it

It said

But my body and mind laid weak

I cease to exist, I’m broken

And i’m begging




Stop it

I won’t last

I’m burning

Let me meet my end

Let me go