Donald Trump tweets Kim Jong Un is “a gay little piggie”

Donald Trump has had recent controversy about his posts on Twitter. He is also well known for name calling, famously saying Marco Rubio had “large ears”, and calling Hilary Clinton “the devil”. More recently, he has been dangerously exchanging insults with Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea.

Last week, President Trump had the reckless audacity to insult Kim, calling him “short and fat”.

But today at 3:18 PM he took it to another level, hurling a long list of insults at Kim, like a deranged twelve year old.

The results could be catastrophic. Luckily, however, he deleted the tweet a few minutes later. Not quickly enough to prevent people from screen capturing his tweet, and posting it all over social media.

Fukkin rekt lmaooo

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