INST 728D College problem 1

Question statement:

Too many students are dropping out of college X (stakeholder). The drop out rate at College X is 62%. The drop out at College Y rate is 45% The VP of Enrollment at College X wants to comparative data usable on a mobile device (a dashboard). The screen size should be 480 x infinite height. The experience needs to be at least 3 screens.

Problem Statement:

We have observed that student retention at college X has been going down. The decisions on this problem has to be taken by the VP of Enrollment at College X. How might we create a user interface to present the data analysis visually so that it aids the VP in the decision making process

Design Process:

VP has to be presented with a comprehensive analysis of the data in the most efficient manner, we are trying to approach this problem by presenting a radial graph which sums up the entire data set to be analyzed by the user at the home screen. If the user wished to drill down and check detailed results he can do that and view the subset of data with respect to time in 10 years interval, and this view also compares the stats from both the colleges.

Design method:

The interface completely concentrates on Efficiency and hence the design has been kept minimal, lack of menu navigation is compensated by the simple overlaying of the screen to go back to the home screen and or can be done by a simple swipe gesture which is indicated by the arrows.

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