INST 728D Student Problem 2

Question Statement:

Too many students are dropping out of college X (stakeholder). The drop out rate at College X is 62%. The drop out at College Y rate is 45% The VP of Enrollment at College X wants to comparative data usable on a mobile device (a dashboard). The screen size should be 480 x infinite height. The experience needs to be at least 3 screens.

Problem Statement:

We have observed that student retention at college X has been going down. The decisions on this problem has to be taken by the VP of Enrollment at College X. How might we present the data in such a way that the VP can come to a quick decision for the problem.

Design method:

The User experience promotes a simple interface which enables the user to quickly scan through the entire data set. The line graph has a side scrolling interface, which changes the size of the orbs to quickly notify the greater value in the comparison. Also the current positions specific data is displayed at the bottom of the page as bar graphs. The variables can be modified to the bar graph at the footer.

Annotated wireframe:

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