New Feature on The SubmitHub Website

Jason has been working on a new feature for SubmitHub and the bloggers are going to be super happy about it.

SubmitHub now allows bloggers to take weekends off, and before we tell you how it works, let’s get into the ‘why’ of it.

Imagine receiving 120 submissions per day, like some platforms do. Now imagine that each of those submissions is a ticking time bomb ready to expire. Now, also imagine doing that every single day, of every single week for an entire year. Sounds tough, right?

It can get overwhelming and we think bloggers deserve a little break every now and then as well.

So, how does it all work?

Bloggers will be able to select two concurrent days per week, during which they would like to pause incoming submissions. Let’s say for example that Indie Shuffle decides they would like to take Saturdays and Sundays off (what a novel idea). On Friday at noon they will receive an email letting them know that, in anticipation of their upcoming break, their submissions have been disabled. It will also let them know how many outstanding submissions they still need to reply to before their weekend well and truly begins. This allows them to clear what’s left and head off for their “weekend.”

Submitters are kept in the loop too: when encountering a blog taking a “weekend” they will have the option to receive a notification when that blog is back online.

When that blog’s weekend is up, a reminder is sent which lets them know that their submissions have been re-enabled. It also lists how many submitters requested notifications about their return to help give a better picture of the incoming workload.

SubmitHub Weekends come with customizable timezones. That way platforms are able to ensure that their “weekend” also aligns with their relative time.

Now that you know about our awesome new feature, say hi below and let us know what you think. :)