One Way to Enter the Music Industry

We reached out to Adrien Lammoglia who has taken a fresh approach to entering the music industry. Below we’re going to share how his career path is testament to not having to be a seasoned professional in order to make your dent.

Lammoglia entered the music industry only ten years ago as a beatmaker. Five years after that he mastered sound engineering, and now, only eight years after entering the industry, he owns his own record label — ALM Productions.

His idea for 2017 was to make a compilation album from artists across the globe. The plan: to unify tracks from all over the world into one coherent album. The question asked: which songs “make me fly?” All that was left to do, was find the artists. Based in France, he needed to find a platform that would give him access to artists across the globe.

There’s no denying that the music industry is constantly changing. These days, new entrants into the industry have numerous channels that can be utilized in order to make some waves.

In this case, using SubmitHub as a primary channel, gave Adrien access to artists from across the globe that would have previously been too difficult to reach. The majority of the songs on the album were found using SubmitHub.

He tells us, “I selected chilled music from different genres: rap, RnB, soul, trap, chillwave etc. I think there is a rich diversity of songs with a coherent progression. I mastered all the songs to have a real sound identity. I really wanted to give a beautiful album, not a mixtape or a playlist.” Fast-forward to releasing the album and Adrien has found that his network has grown exponentially, especially his international network.

Compilation Album Made Mostly With Tracks Found on SubmitHub

Interested in giving the album a listen? Check it out here and let us know what you think in the comments!