Why We Don’t Have a Logo

Everywhere one looks, with regards to business and logos, the accepted opinion is that logos top the list of priorities. There’s mention of logos being the ‘identity of the company’, an ‘essential part of business strategy’, and ‘the anchor of the brand’. Why then, don’t we have one?

The short answer: laziness!

But there’s a little more to it than that. Let’s get into it.

When SubmitHub originated, and Jason was busy coding it, he had to fill the square that shows up on the browser tab…so he just filled it with the color purple.

Once the site was up and running, some people started to ask for the logo…so they were just sent a purple square. When it came to social media, we decided to ‘use’ those platforms essentially just to book the space, and from there, basically just tell people ‘we’re not online or contactable here’. But again, a logo was required, and voila! the purple square featured.

Eventually Jason thought ‘fuck it, let’s just stick with the purple’, and so, our non-logo logo, became a purple square.

Then it dawned on Jason that it actually wasn’t appropriate for SubmitHub to have a logo. Yes, a logo is the anchor-what-what and target-market-this-that and identity-so-and-so, but SubmitHub is not about SubmitHub! SubmitHub is about connecting artists to curators.

Our site is not a destination, a brand or a service…it’s a tool for connecting people. Your experience should not be about SubmitHub; it should be about the connections. By keeping things ‘brandless’, so to speak, we were able to convey that a little better. And that is why we don’t have a logo.

Have a thought on the matter? Let us know! 
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