Are You a Ghost Developer?

Wonder what a ghost developer is? You build amazing app for your client, however, you are not supposed to use your work in your profile. You are supposed to work as behind-the-scenes chef in a famous restaurant and the chef is not allowed public appearance of any kind. He can’t claim he prepared, the dish, he prepared. He enters from back doors, gets ready to build that awesome dish and after his job is done, he is supposed to leave the premises quietly.

Ghost Developer At Work!

There are times when you design an algorithm specifically for your client, however, you don’t own IP rights for the technology or algorithm you or your team developed. I’m not complaining or questioning how things work, however, it is what it is.

It’s a growing trend with advent of online IT job portals. Individuals and teams are hired on an hourly or a fixed-cost basis to deliver the project. No matter what you build, you don’t own any of it after project is delivered (or, you invoices are paid. lol).

Welcome to a new world. Well, not really! This trend has been there for years, we didn’t give it an official name yet. Work harder ghost developers and keep doing what you do.