Need for Social Authentication 

Its all about people and gaining their trust.

Teams are always convinced of their product idea and tend to believe that their product would be success without even user surveys. One of the major reason for startup failure being ignorance of user needs and adequate research.

For users to get convinced with the idea and service, I feel startups need to socially authenticate their landing pages to compel users to login and check the product/service.

A few points, which would help startups increase their user conversions -

Quantity: Mention on home page, the number of users who use this platform. Any confusion that user may have is resolved.

People: Thanks to Facebook and its useful API, you can get display images of users who use your product/service and display them near the login area. This increases the trust of a new user, “There are some real users “. It’s a herd mentality – ‘others have tried let me try too’.

Shares: Try to display startup’s social media reach. If a startup’s Facebook page has x k number of likes, users don’t have a reason to not trust the product. Conversions will increase if social media outreach is strong.

Media: Coverage by famous media houses like TechCrunch, TNW, Mashable, Medianama or Yourstory is enough for the user to explore the product once. Its always a WOW factor for users to learn that this startup was covered by this media house. Its a great new user acquisition strategy.

Update: In this era, everyone wants to know new things first, so do the users. Its a great strategy to give scheduled updates to users, creates enough social media impact. Old users feel privileged to receive updates first. This is more of a psychological aspect.

Testimonials: When your startup is new and needs some network to grow in, you always have to ask for testimonials from influential people. Testimonials from people well known in the market, always reassures the confidence users have in the product.

PS: These images are pulled from Wishberg‘s website. Their landing page design speaks volumes about their product and ideology. Thanks to @beingpractical and @nowentrepreneur for such good user acquisition inspiration.
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