Modern Logo Designs Trends to Look Out For Brands — 1

We all know why a logo is important for a business. Having a logo is one of the characteristics of being a brand. Even if you have multi-storey jewelry stores in 3 or 4 cities, you are not a brand if you do not have a logo. A logo not only makes you a brand but also differentiate you from the rest of the pack. The success of a logo design depends on how effectively it differentiates you from other brands. Therefore, an attractive logo that delivers a message and makes a statement is important to keep a brand on the top. However, when you need to hire a logo designing services in Singapore, you should make sure that the designer designs with the latest trends in mind.

Flat Design

This design has been in the arena of logo designing for a few years. However, now it is a hot trend. Logos of Microsoft, Netflix, Windows and IHOP are the finest examples of flat design. Back in 2000, most of the brands had bold 3-D logos. However, even giants like Microsoft changed their logos when the trend was changed. Logos can scale well with the simplicity of the flat design. Moreover, flat design is easily compatible with responsive websites.

UI-Friendly Typography

The number of individuals choosing Smartphone for accessing the internet is way more than individuals using laptops or desktops. This is the reason why more and more brands are considering a redesigned logo that can look great and scale well on screens of all sizes. Since 1999, Google had been using serif font style. However, now it has modernized the logo by using sans-serif font design

Logo Design


Just like the Flat design trend, minimalism is not a new trend. However, it started gaining the attention of logo designers in 2014 and still it is a hit. It emphasizes on the flat designs and uses as few as colors possible. This design influences the potential customers and focuses their attention. It is a simple point-to-point design with minimized cluttered. It draws the attention of a visitor right to the brand and its message.

Line Art

This trend was unveiled in 2015. This trend is here to stay for long. The logo is designed using thin lines and the thickness remains same throughout the logo. The logo is of one solid color. Usually, the color is black. This trend is pretty popular in the food industry. These logos are simple but playful. The logo can be with or without a graphic.