SEO Techniques- White Hat vs Black Hat — Part III

Resuming from where I left in the previous articles, let us learn more on “BLACK HAT SEO” techniques. Techniques such as

Keyword Stuffing
• Alt Description — being over optimized
• Internal Links — being over optimized
• Text and Links — keeping it invisible
• HTML Headings — being over optimized

were already covered in the previous article.

Content switching, Duplication and Automation:

Website gets best recognition both from visitors and Search Engines only if the contents included inside are unique and are of best quality. Employing an experienced “Content Writer” for your Website is always an appropriate option and content employed inside needs to be relevant to the Website target business/services.

An in-appropriate method followed by most of the Designers and Developers in creating Website content is copying the contents from others Website and using them in their Website. Few follow the other option of automating the content using content generation tools and including them in their Website.

Few play smarter, they switch content as per the trend and Keywords and changing the contents at regular interval just for achieving the SEO targets.

All the above 3 techniques are not recommended and considered to be an “BLACK HAT SEO” technique.

Malicious and eye-catching irrelevant contents:

Employing irrelevant contents in the Website considered to be a in-appropriate technique. Having said this, using content that are Malicious and that can harm others server is considered to be Crime. These Malicious contents are included both intentionally and with intentention as well. How ever it can be, this affects the performance of the Website.

Website Owners also employ attractive titles and Headings for getting more traffic towards the Website. They are considered to fair practice as long as they are relevant to the Website target business and services. If it is not the case, those are considered to be an in-appropriate SEO technique.

Bad 301 redirects and Handshake Link exchanges:

Having an button, image or an video in the Website is not a crime and is a best way to design any Website. However, linking/redirecting them to your target page having SEO promotion in mind is considered to be crime and becomes a conflict for “WHITE HAT SEO” processes.

Getting backlinks from other Websites with High DA and PA, enhances your Moz ranking as well as the popularity of the Website. Yes, I am referring to backlinking. However, Link Exchanges are not the fair practice in achieving the same. Algorithms recent days are very sharp is finding these unfair techniques and the Websites can even be penalized for this technique.

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We shall cover few more “BLACK HAT SEO” techniques in the forthcoming articles!!