Confusion paved me a way to Clarity ! If you got confusion then you are progressing forward !

I had come across lots of confusions while starting my career as a Software Engineer.A year passed in hatred and decided to follow my dreams and Quit my fancy MNC job and joined in a Startup to learn technology.From the beginning i got a burning fire to become an Entrepreneur and Work for both Profit and Social.

Days passed,Still in the Startup in a Learning phase.We I feel that I am good to start a Technology startup then i Will left my job and become a Entrepreneur.

But there Starts the Confusion,Everyone Around me is telling not to take this risk,Settle in a monthly paid job and continue the routine life.I got stressed and like thinking about it for the whole lot of time.

Here comes My Conclusion,This is my life,I know better about myself.If I got a dream then I must be working hard to achieve it.

No excuses in Working hard,You should give your best to be best.The difference between an Successful person and others are the Perseverance.

So If you had a Dream dare to catch it :)

I will soon meet you as an Entrepreneur.:)

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