How to Choose the Accurate Subscription Management Software?

Aug 26, 2019 · 4 min read

It’s no secret that subscription management software can be a nightmare if not chosen properly. There are enormous challenges faced by small and midsize businesses and the process of billing must not be one of them. That is why you need to choose the right Subscription Management Software to ease your entire task. A seamless charging system will either make or break your business.

Each time a business performs a sales transaction, it has to create an invoice. When a business starts to scale and has a large number of customer-base, the need for an efficient billing solution becomes even greater. Without recurring billing software, subscription management can become a real horror. The accounting department would be doing extra manual work and managing cumbersome spreadsheets, which can create huge billing-related blocks. To avoid all these horrific situations, one must step up to understand what is the sole purpose behind selecting the right subscription management software?

Purpose of the right Subscription Management Software

Deploying a subscription management software replaces the need for traditional solutions like Excel and manual means of billing as mentioned above. This will not only improve your cash flow but will also remove the cumbersome process of managing invoices. Having the right solution in place makes it easy to track and update all customer details. Such a subscription software will further expedite payments and help the company save its resources such as time and money. Once the data is stored on cloud, all the fears related to losing client data can be put to rest. You also don’t have to lose your sleep over hacking issues or the computer getting crashed. Getting started is easy as you can start billing customers immediately.

Factors to consider when choosing Subscription management software

When it comes to selecting the right Billing and Invoicing Software, there are certain factors you need to look at closely. This can be somewhat tricky when there are a number of industry-specific solutions. To keep things simple, look for the right Subscription Management Software that ensures high-level data security and error free billing experience. Before you proceed further figure out whether the data is stored on a dedicated server or a third-party server. You must find out what security measures are put forth and if the server is encrypted so it remains safe from breaches.

1. Easy to Handle

Every businessperson doesn’t have a proper knowledge of accounting principles. To overcome this shortcoming, Subscription management software has become a necessity. Even if there is an accountant in place, business owners should have a basic understanding of the financial information so that they can decrypt the data without any hassle. A subscription management software that is easy to operate will allow you to focus on expanding your major business offerings.

2. Scalability

A major mistake that many businesses commit is to negate the needs of their growing operations. They save money and adopt manual means of generating invoices which fails to support them in the longer run. Such obstacles can get in the way of steady progress. The problem can be resolved with the right Subscription Management Software that scales with your company’s unique needs. Also keep in mind that your go-to system should be one with customizable features and that can be upgraded to any advanced version without much stresses.

Moreover, you should be looking for a subscription management software that can keep up with the evolving needs of the subscription business. It is imperative that the system provides solutions that are in accordance with the company’s objectives. You must also look for a system that is flexible enough to accommodate your business requirements. Where billing is involved, customers expect state of the art security, hence, you want to steer clear of long, tedious security padlocks. Further, find out what the industry is using and competitors. This will help you narrow down the choice when confronted with a large number of options.

Best billing and invoicing Software provides the following features: dunning management, subscription handling, revenue retention, analytics and insights, recurring revenue, payment gateway, recurring billing automation, pricing plan management, customer management, revenue recognition, discount and promotion, email automating, third party integration, hosted payment pages and user roles. The key performance indicators are billing cycles, subscription models and ability to set prices. Your billing cycle should be flexible enough so that customers are easier to retain. Subscription model ought to address all the metrics and analytics of the billing cycle.

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