New Facebook Business Page Templates

Facebook is currently running a test of new templates for business Pages. The new options enable Page owners to choose from dedicated Page layout and CTA buttons relative to their products and services — here’s an overview of how the process works.

For those who have access to the new Page templates, the tools are in the settings of your Facebook Page — go to ‘Settings’ from your main Page then select ‘Edit Page’ on the left-hand side.

In your Edit Page options, there’ll be a new ‘Templates’ listing — click ‘Edit’ to view your template options.

You will soon see this pop-up:

Each template is customized to highlight different features.


Good for all Page types, with buttons and tabs to help showcase what’s important to you. Buttons on Toolbar are Like, Message, Share.

Professional Services

Designed to help people find your services and get in touch. Primary Button Call Now, Buttons on Toolbar Like, Message, Share.


Designed so you can highlight useful info like your venue’s hours, location and upcoming events. Primary Button Learn More Buttons on Toolbar Like, Message, Share.


Designed to showcase Games, including a tab for Groups where people can find other fans. Buttons on Toolbar Like, Message, Share.


Designed to help politicians reach their supporters and communicate their message. Primary Button Send Message Buttons on Toolbar Like, Message, Share.

Restaurants & Cafes

Designed to highlight photos and important info about your menu, hours and location. Primary Button Call Now Buttons on Toolbar Like, Message, Share.

Choose the template that bests fit your business — for example, ours would be “Professional Services”.

Once you selected your template you’ll find out all the details that you need to know, buttons, tabs, and layout.

It also states at the bottom: “When you apply this template we will replace existing buttons and tabs.”

Once you’ve chosen the template you want, click Apply Template and verify you’re sure you want to do this.

Now, you’ll see the template you chose in your settings.

You’ll then need to review your Page — some items might not be working and you may need to clean it up a bit.

You can also customize the order of your tags and edit settings for each one as well.

And that’s it. If you do choose to apply a new template, be sure to review ALL the elements. You don’t want broken areas of your Facebook Page.

Have fun customizing your new layout.

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