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Are you listening to me?

Podcasting started more than 12 years ago, but it wasn’t until the past few years that it gained traction among content marketers and content creators in general. A podcast is a set of digital audio files that are available on the internet for downloading or direct listening.

It is a powerful marketing tool. Podcasts have become the new talk radio on mobile devices. In fact, the increased usage of mobile phones has led to the explosive growth of podcasting.

So here are just a few of the reasons you should start recording audio content asap.

Easy to Create

Creating a podcast does not involve a lot of steps. The equipment required for the same is reasonably priced and also available easily.

You would need a good quality microphone and headphones for creating a podcast. The editing software for this purpose is free and is quite simple. For uploading the files on your website, a good internet connection is important. You may also need to send the podcast to your audience through Email.

Once you have created the podcast, you can start promoting it to increase its exposure and reach out to a larger audience. For this, you would need to make the podcasts available on a variety of distribution channels.

Content remains King

Nowadays, the Yellow Pages equivalent is Google, where everyone tries to make their company’s site come up on the first page for whatever they’re searching for.

While there’re tons of people who say they can help you get there by putting in the right SEO-friendly keywords on your site’s back-end, which is important of course, there’s something that will help even more: having rich media on your site.

What’s rich media? That’s easy: photos, video, and of course, audio content. Now, if you have these on your site, albeit not the spammy kind, your site will play nicer with Google, raising your ranking within their search algorithms.

Think about also how most people find your site online: blog posts and articles just like this one. Now, if we didn’t include images and video in our storytelling, these would read like doctoral theses on relative theory in relation to quantum mechanics; you don’t want that.

Put a Voice to Your Business

Your company having a voice in the marketplace is very important, whether you’re starting out, wanting to give everyone who supports you a look into your business, enabling them to come along for the ride of your daily hustle for success, or you’re in a more established position of killing it like Gary Vaynerchuk and Andy Frisella and want to help reach the broader audience with your message of how you got where you did. Either way, it’s a great way to put a voice to the face of your business, helping your audience get to know another side of you: your thoughts, your demeanor, your personality, and more that just doesn’t come across on a site, small bio, or an about image.

What’s another even more interesting aspect of it all is the access you open yourself up to. If you choose to include an interview-style format, you can have guests come on to ask them whatever you choose.

The biggest thing for every business is to stand out amongst the rest of the crowd.

Build Rapport With Potential Clients

Let’s chat about this in terms of having a photography company, though any field will do. With that in mind, we all can agree that the biggest task any photography company has is educating their client. For lots of us, that entails phone calls, emails, and even in-person meetings, all of which come before even securing them as a client.

Imagine having something informative and entertaining that you could point people to that has episodes going over all the things you’d talk to them about, such as why you should prioritize photography in your wedding budget, top five things to ask your wedding photographer, why you should invest in a quality headshot in the social media age, don’t make the mistake of using stock images for your site, etc. This will not only help pare down your usual customer meetings to the bare essentials, but it will start to build rapport and trust with clients before they even meet you in person or take the first Skype/phone call with you.

In the end, if you take the time out to put together thoughtful, informative content to put out to the masses, they will come. They’ll come educated with more trust and knowledge about you, your services, and your stances on many of the subjects they care about in hiring a photographer.


Gone are the days of needing a team and a large studio to put a show together. For the last ten years, we’ve have been thrust into an age where anyone with a solid idea, some equipment off Amazon, and a little hustle can suddenly have a strong presence in the radio-broadcasting world. There’re even a lot of radio personalities who will tell you they envy podcasters because of the freedom they have from the politics that are entrenched in the traditional radio world. With that in mind, we can take complete ownership of whatever we put out there, branding it in line with our companies, and make it all our own.

See you out there friends, and if you do choose to go with an interview format, I’d love to be one of your first guests. We can chat about the vision you have for the future of the show and hopefully about this very article and what swayed you to start your very own podcast and business.

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