The future of college media, we hope

Tired. Bored. Weak. Redundant. Obsolete. Lame. Over. Print is dead and we are proud to say we killed it. And we’ve never felt so alive. Moving our newsroom over to Medium terrifies us, but at the same time, it has rekindled our passion for journalism. Our newsroom walls are lined with awards from across the nation, so knocking those traditional walls down was not easy. But there is freedom to be found in destruction, and in this case, disruption. As the dust settles, the future is clear. We are the next generation of college journalists who believe that there are stories to be told, conversations to be had, and minds to be broadened. Just as college students have refined their taste in beer, we believe they also have a thirst for excellent journalism. This is an experiment and with that comes trial and error, new discoveries and hopefully no explosions. So put on your goggles, grab your lab coat and take in some Substance. We’re not just another bad habit.

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