Spectre ICO — Orchestrating a fireworks display of Disruption!

When you research on how to find a trustworthy ICO (for those that are quite new to the topic: short for Initial Coin Offering; a way to crowdfund a blockchain project), you will find the same advice over and over again: invest into a project that has a real world use by solving a problem, a project that has at least a mvp or a usable product , a detailed fluff-free whitepaper and a trustworthy team with excellent reputation. A winning mixture, which can be found within the SPECTRE ICO — of course, a statement that asks for profund arguments:

Did you ever try making money with an online trading platform? Did you try hard with a binary options or a FX broker and dare I ask was the outcome? If you did so, you are most likely amongst the other 70–90% of traders, that have lost all funds trading. It is not your fault alone, nor are you to be blamed for that, as in many cases you never would have had a chance to win. The world of online trading is shady and maybe you know that you always traded against the house in a zero sum game.

It is a known fact that brokers play tricks on their clients: they manipulate prices, they reject withdrawals, they even go so far as to have account managers trade and burn accounts of their clients. Sad but true, binary options and the involved scams against the traders have ruined many lives and is very overdue for it to be disrupted! As many traders find themselves disillusioned with their trading venture, these scam brokers are now starting to work on ICOs — obviously to milk the cow of trusting investors the other way as well. Again disruption is needed.

Many ICOs try to play that “disruptive card” nowadays, but do your due diligence — do they really do good to the community and solve a real world problem? The team behind the SPECTRE ICO has addressed such one and defined a particular mission: Making the world of trading a better one. Many team members of the SPECTRE ICO have been providing honest services to this industry for years: take the fully automated trading signals from Signal Hive, which took the traders finally into the green, or the education courses of their sister company BSB University, that have been taught to countless traders, teaching them patiently in 1-on-1 sessions how to trade both in a successful and wise manner. In all these years those team members heard story over story about merciless online brokers, which extracted money from the trader’s pocket. In fact they heard these stories far too often — they knew they can contribute to a solution and change things for the better by using their experience from the past. The SPECTRE ICO is not here to punish the scammers, the SPECTRE ICO simply provides an already working, transparent alternative traders can trust — an alternative that disrupts — by eliminating the need of a broker, helping create a scam free environment once and for all!

Disrupting online brokers — This is a big statement. A statement I will substantiate with some rock solid facts about the SPECTRE ICO.

With the help of the cryptocurrency Ether and its blockchain , SPECTRE.AI is able to make use of smart contracts in order to create a fair battleground for traders. These smart contracts will govern and handle the transactions on the trading platform. Everything is transparent and crystal clear to the trader, no human hands are involved in any payout or transaction process — it will be a relief for every trader to use this ready-to-play-with platform, which is currently already stress-tested in a public alpha (register here to give it try right away).

Let’s bring down a cavalcade of disruption and break down how the SPECTRE ICO will change the world of trading to a better one, by comparing the usual broker with SPECTRE one by one:

with a Broker

You have to deposit money at the platform of the broker, you lose the control over your funds — they gain it.


DISRUPTED! No need for a deposit. You simply use an Ethereum wallet for the trades. The broker has no access to your funds, but you have complete control over your money. Spectre makes use of the smart contract functionality of the cryptocurrency to have all transactions governed and processed in real time by the blockchain.

with a Broker

You have to request a withdrawal and then wait days for your payout — all on the mercy of the broker.


DISRUPTED! You are free to transfer your Ether by any time to any other wallet — no restrictions, no calls, no waiting. With SPECTRE.AI the liquidity pool is entirely owned by the ICO token investors. Profits are paid out to token holders instantly, resulting in a revolutionary change to the trading world and a new level of transparency.

with a Broker

You always have to pray for the real market prices and that the broker is honest.


DISRUPTED! Spectre uses the price feed by OANDA — a verifiable live price feed, monitored by multiple audited financial sources.

with a Broker

Brokers often provide disinformation rather then education to their traders, giving them hyped strategies that are designed to churn and burn their accounts into the ground.


DISRUPTED! Spectre has in-built education features, created by senior traders, focused to help the trader to follow the right path.

with a Broker

Brokers often encourage a gamey style of trading with tournaments and similar marketing actions to bring out the gambler in their clients. Once triggered the trader loses more money much faster.


DISRUPTED! Spectre has emotion and risk management tools on board, as fairness is everything and the trader’s trust the highest value.

Let’s explain the disruptive model by the SPECTRE ICO a bit more in depth:

With this firework of disruptions SPECTRE will replace brokers with revived trust into the right thing. The SPECTRE ICO will bring real disruption with the power of the blockchain and the investors will participate from this concept big time. With generous ongoing dividends, calculated by the growth of the liquidity pool and a token buyback program, that could increase the value of the SPEC token overtime, the SPECTRE ICO has all features to become a very profitable investment to all token holders.

In conclusion I would like to summarize, with the fireworks of disruptions SPECTRE will replace brokers with revive trust once again in the trading realm. The SPECTRE ICO will bring real change with the power of the “blockchain” and the investors/ICO token holders will benefit greatly from this. With generous ongoing dividends, calculated by the growth of the liquidity pool and a token buyback program, that will likely increase the value of the SPEC token overtime, the SPECTRE ICO has all features to become a very profitable investment to all token holders.

If you invest into the SPECTRE ICO you will invest into the future of trading. Your money will be used to build a transparent liquidity pool and to extend the already existing and running trading platform with a wide range of features. In a nutshell, your participation in this ICO comes with rewarding benefits for you, whilst at the same time you are helping to eliminate broker fraud and contribute to a fair battleground for traders! SPECTRE AI “Let’s make trading GREAT AGAIN!”

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