It’s Good to Jot

Jotdot enables you to clear your mind and prioritise your time with ease. We’ve termed the app a ‘digital mind space’ as we like to think of it as a digital extension of your physical mind. In this sense, Jotdot is a lifestyle app, since it applies to life in general, and we believe its offering is essential for the modern-day.

Jot Down Anything & Everything

To-dos, reminders, notes, ideas, goals… You name it, you can jot it in Jotdot. This is significant because jotting everything down helps to clear the mind, allowing us to be more mindful and overcome something called the Zeigarnik Effect.

Simply put, when something is unfinished, it lingers in our short term memory. Keeping it there requires cognitive energy, causing us to become unfocused and, over time, stressed. In order to overcome this, we simply need to remove the thing from our short term memory either by completing it or writing it down. In other words, jotting things down helps to keep your mind fresh, relaxed and in the present moment.

Focus on Priorities

We believe prioritisation is a massively overlooked yet critical part of modern life. There’s just so much going on nowadays that it’s impossible to get everything done and still maintain that work-life balance. Therefore, we should always focus on getting the most important things done, and only do the rest if we have time.

We’ve built Jotdot to be entirely based around prioritisation. Need to make something a priority? Just tap the dot. Need to see all of your priorities in one place? Just tap the priority list button. We’ve also intentionally excluded many time elements, such as due dates, since they just lead to extra processing and extra stress when things become overdue.

By focusing exclusively on our priorities each day, our goal becomes simply to empty our priority list, rather than emptying all our lists. This approach is both less stressful and more effective.

Make it Your Own

Jotdot is more than just a clean and clever design: it’s massively customisable to suit your needs and desires. Change colours, use wallpapers, add or remove buttons… In fact, there are over 3 million possible configurations! Through these configurations, Jotdot enables you to navigate, edit and share your lists in an instant.

The app will also automatically recognise dates, phone numbers, links and addresses within your jots, ready to be actioned with a single tap. All in all, much care has been taken to ensure everything flows and fits together perfectly, allowing you to effortlessly jot things down and prioritise your time.


Modern life is fast-paced and full-on. There can be a lot of stuff floating around in our minds that causes us to lose focus and become stressed, usually without even noticing. The answer is simple though: jot everything down and then just focus on the important things.


Download Jotdot for free on iOS today. With your support, we can continue to make Jotdot even better and available on more devices.

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