Events of the last few years have begun to highlight in earnest those areas where the Information Revolution has fallen short, or been misused, or failed to live up to its lofty aspirations. Chief among people’s concerns is the apparent conflict between trust and privacy.

Given fears about “fake news” and other forms of misinformation online, the need for trust in the information that surrounds us is paramount. But trust at the expense of privacy — having to share all of our personal information to prove we are not impostors or scammers — is unsustainable for humankind. …

It’s exciting to share that I’ve been featured as a contributor in the International Business Times. The op-ed, titled “Privacy vs. Trust On The Internet: Cryptography A Win-Win Solution” explores ways cryptography can help bridge the divide between trust and privacy online. In a world where information theft, hacking, and disinformation are all too common, cryptography and the blockchain offer real solutions that can help lead us toward a bright online future — one where information is trustworthy and people’s data is safe.

Read the full piece here. I’m looking forward to further discussions and hearing from people about the article.

Entropy Labs is committed to building a strong, interconnected and balanced team to support the projects we incubate. So we are growing, and in this post we want to shine the spotlight on two of our new members, Belsy Yuen and Sophia Wong. The following is a brief interview with each of them.

Belsy Yuen, Ph.D., Product and Engineering

Can you please detail your career history, important jobs, skills, projects you have been involved in?

I did mechanical engineering for my undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Bristol in the UK, and my Ph.D. at Hong Kong University…

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of Entropy Labs, a technology company focused on developing blockchain-enabled platforms that have real-world uses and serve a demonstrated vertical or general market need.

Our Mission

Entropy Labs builds software grounded in the following two tenets of blockchain technology: peer-to-peer networks and applied cryptography. We believe peer-to-peer networks offer the best infrastructure for the sharing of knowledge and the development of efficient economies which are free of middlemen. We believe in applied cryptography because it is the most cogent technological solution that currently exists for both robust security and the protection of…

The blockchain space has evolved at a terrific pace and it’s both encouraging and inspiring to be a part of this progress at the very time it’s coming to life. In the last four years, I’ve experienced first-hand the growth of Bitcoin via crowdfunded ASICs, the ICO-financed development of Ethereum and the subsequent ERC20-based funding of projects like Golem.

What these protocols share in common is that they are bootstrapped from another system — and are all new systems of cryptoeconomics. Crowdfunding is certainly interesting, but what is fascinating is that so many projects in the blockchain space are funding…

For those who pre-ordered “Ethereum Programming”

I will update this post with more information as soon as it becomes available.

If I can answer any question or if you’re interested in forthcoming work or collaborations, please feel free to contact me by email, nessence at gmail or twitter.

This is a first article in the series exploring and explaining Golem protocol, its goals, development, and solutions. All of this is still a work in progress — done at the moment mostly by me and Paweł Peregud (Pepesza). This is only part of what is going on — for a bullet point summary from rest of the team scroll down to the end of this post.

Alex and Pepesza working on protocol (photo by Andrzej)

Though the prevailing objective of Golem is to be a worldwide supercomputer, one way to look at Golem is as a decentralized exchange for computing. Rather than exchanging Apples for Oranges or Bitcoin…

Today we are making our crowdfunding contract code available for community review. You can see it here. We invite everyone to review and test the code. We want to be transparent about what we are doing, which is why we believe that announcing the code before we commit ourselves to start the crowdfunding at a specific date is important.

We are also initiating the process of external audits, and will continue to add more tests over the coming days. If you’ve spotted how you can break our code in the meantime, please contact us.

This release reflects what we have…

Last year at DEVCON1, one of the presentations which stood out for me was Nanopayments on Ethereum, presented by Piotr Janiuk, one of Golem’s co-inventors. The idea is simple, elegant, and much amplified by the even bigger idea of Golem: a worldwide supercomputer being built on Ethereum, powered by any and every participating device on the network.

Over the last several months, I’ve spent quite a lot of time with the Golem team in Warsaw. As their software reached a proof-of-concept stage, the team, charged by a new realm of possibility, suddenly became much more serious about turning Golem into…

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